Lets Talk Energy

Often times we ignore the signs that our bodies give us that we need to make a change. We yawn uncontrollably and turn to coffee and artificial energy enhancers instead of getting adequate sleep. We use words such as "food coma" to make sense of why we can't seem to stay awake after a meal. Your body is fueled off of the things you put in it. If you put bad gas in your car it will not run. If you put harmful substances in your body it will not perform at its peak. Your body will have to work in overdrive throughout the day just to sustain the busy lifestyle you lead because it is trying to find nutrients in the food its been given. Lets face it, we as Americans tend to be overworked and exhausted for the majority of our lives. While this is true, that does not mean we have to be this way. There are alternatives. If you want your energy back you have to put forth the effort. Start by changing your diet and increasing your water intake. Getting regular chiropractic care can help activate your nervous system and remove subluxations in order to restore function and mobility in your spine. The nervous system is how the brain connects to the body. Once you are in tune with your body again, you will be able to make the necessary changes to reach your body's natural homeostasis. Let go of the stress weight. Let go of the artificial energy. Remove all the blockages. Regain your body's natural childlike energy. Your energy is still there....it is neither created nor destroyed....it is infinite. 

Dr. Tamara Carter